Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saltwater Taffy

Today was just one of those days. One of those days where I woke up grumpy from lack of consistent sleep. One of those days where I just felt uncomfortable in my pregnant skin. One of those days where friends came over and my kids acted TOTALLY insane thus encouraging everyone to use condoms or practice strict abstinence. Just one of those days.

Of course when these days come, which they do to all, it seems inevitably to infect everyone around you, which only makes the situation worse. So, by 5pm not only was I having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day….so was the rest of my family. My house was a mess, my kids were unruly, and my husband was grumpy because I was grumpy. I decided to go for a walk. It was raining and cold but I knew I just had to get out and get some space to gain some perspective on the situation.

I walked up the sidewalk and around the block which lead me to the front door of an elderly woman in my church who has an extreme case of scoliosis. I often stop in to see her when I have things to drop off or apples to pick form her abundant trees but today, I had nothing so, I walked on.

Something inside me though told me to turn back. I’ve ignored these kinds of promptings before and it never ends well when I do that. Course when I get these feelings I immediately jump to negative conclusions like “what if I’m being prompted to go in there because she’s fallen and she can’t get up?” or “what if she’s feeling blue today and really needs someone to talk to?“ or “what if she’s being held hostage?!” …I have an active imagination. Maybe that’s good cause it made me go back and give a little knock at the front door.

Her great granddaughter answered and I immediately saw that all of my ideas where wrong, of course. But I came in anyway admitting blatantly that I had no good reason for being there. She kindly put her television show I’d interrupted on pause and about 2 minutes into our easy conversation I realized that I was prompted to stop there not for her but, for me. Her house was warm and cozy with a fire crackling peacefully. Her smile was soft and sincere. And she fed me saltwater taffy while we just enjoyed each others company.

By the time I left 10 minutes later I was a totally different person. I thought as I walked home through the rain how grateful I was for the atmosphere Sis Posey kept about her and in her home. I thought with renewed energy about how my house was crazy right now but that it would eventually become more silent than I want it and sooner than I want it to.

I went home and took the boys and the dogs for another walk in the rain with me. Then we had a snack and read a story out of the Friend magazine. We talked for several minutes about prayer and they actually sat and listened to me! I brushed their teeth, sang them a song and put them to bed. And now, my house is silent.

I’m feeling keenly aware that the evening could have ended a lot differently. Thank goodness for a little rain, a warm fire, a kind smile and saltwater taffy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bragging Rights

My hubs is always teasing me about what a penny pincher I am. It can be bad sometimes, I'll admit. I'm like the lady you see bargaining down the poor Tijuana kids selling Chicklets Gum. ....alright, so you've never seen that unless you've been shopping in Mexico with me.

I actually remember on a summer trip once to Mexico, with some collage friends, bargaining with a dirty middle-aged man about a swimsuit. I distinctly remember, after haggling for a good 20 minutes, saying "Common! You're cutting off my right arm here!" He looked at me with the most disgusted, insulted face like I'd mocked his one armed crippled child. I felt bad and immediately left the shop. That may have been taking it a little too far considering we were only discussing a difference of $10 or so.

I can't help it though! Garage sales especially. Once you've found your very first awesome garage sale deal, it's addicting. You never want to pay full price for anything ever again. Besides, certain baby equipment is essential and EXPENSIVE! .....Maybe this is why my friends want to throw a shower for me, cause they are afraid my baby will end up sleeping on used, soiled garage sale sheets. :) I normally only go for equipment though ...and from wholesome looking non-crackheads.

You should see some of the great things I've scored so far this season! It's turning out to be the ONLY good thing I've noticed about being pregnant in the summer.

Take for instance these 4 items:
Simple Wooden Snap Assemble Crib
Bought New: $115
I paid: $10
(Comforter and bumper homemade which also saved a few extra $$....and don't worry, sheets bought new from Target.)
Pink Baby Bouncer with Vibrating Seat
Bought New: $19.99
I paid: $7
Fisher Price Take Along Swing
Bought New: $70
I Paid: $10
Graco Infant Car Seat
Bought New: $89.99
I Paid: $1 ...ONE DOLLAR!
That car seat was definitely one of the best deals I've found. Granted it's the wrong color but it had zero stains and came with a base. If it really ends up bothering me that it's blue I'll just get a new cover. The lady just didn't want to put it back in storage and I was happy to help her out. :)

New is definitely best but when you're a growing family on a budget, used is sometimes your only option. If you start early though and bide your time you can find almost as good as new items. I love hearing about steals that other people have gotten so why don't you share one of you best!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Tonight I'm sitting on my couch watching the tube. Nothing good is on so I do what everyone does…keep watching. I flip to America’s Got Talent where there seemed to be an abnormal influx of old people on the show. I mean like 75 yrs and up. Genuine time-fighters that all the sudden saw Susan Boyle, went to their closet, dusted off the old belly-dancing outfit and decided it was time to follow their life long dream. You think I’m kidding but believe me people…there are just some things that can’t be unseen.

It really wasn’t too bad at first, until a woman by the name of Mary Ellen came on the stage. Let me just start off by saying that there could be a 10 year old boy hiding under all that make-up and hair and we would not be the wiser. Ascetics and personal hygiene aside though, her actual “talent”….. I don’t want to be mean here but …I’d rather dig my own eardrums out with a spoon than EVER listen to her again. You think I’m being harsh but just you wait…..

I’m just literally dumfounded as to exactly when during that ….thing……that those idiotic judges sat back and said “yeah, ya know, I think this woman should represent the kind of talent that America has.” Makes me actually NOT proud to be an American. Not really because the judges cut her waaaaay too much slack but because Americans actually voted for her to stay!!! She made it to the third round. THE THIRD ROUND!!! And who knows how much longer if America, and her pacemaker, allows it!

I shut off the TV in a huff and came straight to my computer to rally the troops! This madness must stop! I’m staging a march on their set in Hollywood tonight where we will put a stop to this misrepresentation of our nation! …This is the part where I remember I can’t go cause I’m broke…and super prego. In fact I’m probably only feeling so enraged about this because of some crazy pregnancy hormone. Blame it on the belly.

But really, for all our sakes America, before we go digging for that long lost twirling baton or old pair of tap shoes, lets just take a moment to realize that maybe some dreams aren’t meant to come true. ….aaaaand should be buried deep underground, close to the earth’s core, never to be discovered...ever.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light

You know I always love to post the latest and greatest from Lately when I do though only half the video is visible, so click this link instead: