Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Having children that are older this time around is pretty interesting when it comes to breast-feeding. Jake was too little when Sam was born to care. Now, they are all sorts of intruiged by this crazy concept.

There's no such thing as privacy in my house so the whole blanket for modesty thing didn't last very long. They were always trying to sneak peeks like I was hiding Christmas presents under there or something. Course then after they found out EXACTLY how Emily ate, I was (and still am) peppered with questions on the subject. Like, "Why doesn't she just drink the milk out of the fridge like we do?" "She can go a whole year on just breast-milk? How? Doesn't she get hungry?"

Sam just the other day during breakfast, voiced his concern that I didn't drink enough milk. Ya know, so that I would have enough in my body to feed the baby? This was before I explained to him that my body works like a cow converting food to milk. His face, after that bombshell of information sank in, was priceless. Like I was magic! Now when he comes to sit by me while feeding Emily he quietly muses to himself what she's eating. Roast and potatoes? Cereal?

Also, tonight Jake out of the blue asked me if my breast milk comes in different flavors..... Chocolate? Strawberry? Like they see in the stores.

I have one breast that is slightly larger than the other. When it's full of milk and the other one isn't, the size difference is pretty drastic. It's been affectionately nicknamed "The Big Gulp."

This is all so new and weird for me having my kids ask such funny questions. I am the youngest of my family so I never watched my mom take care of another baby. It's hard for me to gauge how much is too much information to give siblings. I just hope they don't end up freaked out about boobs cause they know what they are used for when a baby comes. I guess a good rule of thumb in the end would be don't tell them anything I don't want anyone else to know. Cause if kids are good at one thing, it's hangn' all your dirty breast-milk stained laundry out to dry!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Letter To Emily


Tonight you sat with me in the kitchen in your swing while I made Alfredo for the boys.
You were not happy about the swing.
I put on some music and scooped you up.
The snow fell outside,
the noodles boiled over.
Snuggly wool socks on a hardwood floor,
I whispered in your ear how much I love you and we danced.
.....It was magical.

I hope we do this often as you grow older.

All my love,

PS- The song was Will.i.am's "What I am"- courtesy of Aunt Jamie's blog.