Friday, June 13, 2008


This morning I was watching a Good Morning America special on Stan Lee, the comic creator who is the genius behind well known titles such as Spiderman, Ironman, and the Incredible Hulk. During the interview the lady turns to him and says “what kind of mind creates these comics? What is your inspiration?” and I said to myself “are you kidding??? The man MUST have a two year old!!" I mean think about it…a character that swings from anything and everything? A character who flies so fast, no one can keep up with him? A character who can’t control his temper and turns into a beast??? Oh yeah, I think I got a couple of those at home. Anyway, I decided I’m going to make my first million developing a comic strip based off my boys. It’s brilliant! I have an endless amount of material! Then it got me thinking…if I were to assign superhero abilities to my family, what would they be? I've decided that Jake would get invisibility because they boy has a nack for disappearing. Take for instance the story Matt related to me a few days ago:

He was in Walmart with Jake looking through the clothes. Jake, of course, was walking around going in and out of the middle of all the clothes racks, hiding. (humm…sound familiar mom?) Anyway, long story short, Matt loses Jake, spends 10 minutes looking for him then finally goes to the front to report a missing child. Apparently when you do this, Walmart transforms into Ft Knocks. No joke. They shut the whole place down, no one goes in or out, and every employee who isn’t on a register reports to the front so they can do a full sweep of the floor. They found him within 3 minutes, lost in the home decor. I was very impressed by this story and thankful that Walmart had such a plan in the event that my son would inevitably wander off. Besides that Jake is amazing at playing hide and go seek. You can be looking right where he is hiding and he won’t move a muscle or say a word!

For Sam, I’d have to say super speed. Like Dash. Have you seen this little guy when its time to go to bed? It’s a miracle how this boy escapes down the stairs so fast without breaking a limb! That, and if you are in public and he gets that mischievous look in his eye, you'd better just put a hand on him to be safe.

I asked Matt what he thought his superpower should be and he said the Incredible Hulk. Before I started working I would have never believed this but lets just say that you never want to be around this man after hes been trapped in the house with the Invisible Man and Speedy Ganzalas for more than 8 hours. Any little thing can set him off after that. Luckily my shifts aren’t usually more than 6 hours so I hardly see that side, but I could see how it could happen.

As for myself I couldn’t really think of anything except Matt is always saying I have super strength cause he’ll come home and all the furniture is rearranged. I always tell him it’s cause I just had a sudden urge for change and couldn’t wait til he got home. Plus if we are ever wrestling and I can manage to lock my legs around his midsection, it's over!

It’s kinda fun to think about. If you could give yourself a superpower (one that goes with your personality not just one you’d like to have) what would it be?