Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know I talk a lot about my kids on this blog but.....they're my life!

I was inspired by Nei's blog, as usual, and decided to post my favorite lullaby (currently playing).

To my husband and children: "You should always know, where ever you may go, no matter where you are....I never will be far away.

Inside this ancient heart, you'll always be apart of me."

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Good Woman

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a good woman.

The whole process of evaluating myself in this reminds me somehow of Spring cleaning at my house. You see, I've moved so often in the past that I never really got the hang of Spring cleaning cause I was constantly going through my stuff in preparation to move. But now that I've been in the same house for a few consecutive years I'm finding this is more than a little foreign.

What I mean to say with this analogy is that I've gone through so many ups and downs in my life (emotionally, physically, spiritually) that it's taken a while to feel like life has really smoothed out into something somewhat consistent. I'm much better now in many ways than I was years ago but now I'm finding this increasing internal urging to be a little lift the bar so to speak for myself.

This is where I start to think about what it truly means to be a good woman. I kid you not, no sooner had I formed the question in my mind when Sister Beck got up to speak at conference last week. I loved what she had to say and feel so much encouragement from her words. (You have to scroll to the right once to see her name and hear her talk.)

I want so much to be able to keep my life going at a smooth and steady pace yet allow myself to feel the need to improve the kind of time I spend with my boys, the kind of wife I am to my husband, and most definitely improve the way I keep house. :) These areas are just a few of many.

Maybe I feel this way because I'm almost 99% sure this baby is a girl. It makes me SO aware of the kind of woman I am, the choices I make and the way I react to every situation. As a major influence in her life I want to be someone she can look up to. Someone she can trust. Someone who is consistent in word and deed. Someone who is just plain consistent.

I know my boys see me everyday but somehow in my mind I think they follow their dad more because one day they will be men just like him. I know thats not true and they look at me just as much if not more because I am with them more. But the thought of having a girl that may grow up to be....just like me....puts me in hyper-improvement mode.

It's all so very interesting and thought provoking.