Friday, February 25, 2011

Credit Cards

Every year we get a tax return, and every year the majority of it is spent on one card debt. January resolutions always inspire us to start all over again. Re-write the budget and stick to it, gosh darn it! Every year we keep the credit cards with the excuse that we NEED them in case of emergencies. Yet, in the past 5 years that we've had them....they have NEVER been used for emergencies. Never. They always end up being used for "wants." Wants that we couldn't afford but just had to have.

Well... NO MORE! We are breaking our ties with you, you unnecessary evil! Goodbye credit cards. I'm sure I'll miss you when I've spent all my money for the month and walk past those adorable pumps in Ross. But I will console myself with the idea that future tax returns will be mine and not yours. Had to post this pic with Emily in the background. She looks more upset than I do. Don't worry Emily, I'm taking drastic measures so you have money for college and a pretty white dress someday. Can't complain though really because there was enough leftover for me to buy something that I've wanted for years. Behold....the kitchenaid:
What are your plans for your tax return?