Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let Conference Begin!!

No matter who you are or what religion you belong to, if you are a woman, Elder Uchtdorf's talk at the end of this broadcast is for you. It felt like a warm blanket draped over my heart to ease my everyday worries and concerns.

If you like what you've heard, please tune in with the rest of us this saturday and sunday for a world wide General Conference at

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Neighborhood Baseball

I know I haven't posted a lot lately. I THINK about it all the time but, I'm so busy! I will try and be better though. First and foremost, I left you last while training for Spokane to Sandpoint. It was a great success! We all met our personal times and I am so proud of our 12 man team for running 185 miles, continuous! To see pictures, go to my family bog: It's private but if you are a friend of the family and haven't received an invite yet, leave me your email in the comments and I can send you one.

Anyway, I mainly just wanted to post about last night. We had a bunch of friends over to play an informal game of softball and it was so much fun! We all have about a zillion kids each, so when we get together it's bound to be epic.

There really is nothing to compare to a good game of ball with your neighbors. I have fond memories of getting together on cool summer nights with all the Dehesa clan to play a game or two with wooden bats and sweatshirts for bases.

As we took the short walk from the ball field back to the house for some root beer floats (which if I were truly sticking to tradition, I would have made the root beer from scratch) I remember walking arm in arm with my Matt, the kids running excitedly ahead, a cool breeze to blow our hair back carrying with it a hint of fall. I felt so happy and content. I will really miss this farm house and all it's country charm.