Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A World Of Mommies

(Happy Mama)

Today Matt and I just sat back in awe of this tremendous out pouring of love and help we've received since I've been sick.

It all started last week when my visiting teachers (the "angels" I spoke of earlier) came over with a huge container of chicken soup, homemade rolls and Matt's favorite poppyseed cake. This wonderful woman who makes this "said" cake also brought us dinner when Sammy was born which is when we fell in love with it. My very good friend Jeanine brought me over a big ol' bag of mint herbal tea a few days later, just the way I like it. Fresh and out of the tea bags so I can brew it myself.

People call my phone all the time, but I'm just not up to talking a whole lot so most the time I don't answer (sorry). That was not enough for Rozla who, when I didn't answer came over to my house to see what she could do to help. And later that night my very good friends Marie and Brittany cooked us a gigantic pot of yumminess with chicken and potatoes along with some rolls. Matt's already eaten about half and even I've been able to keep down a potato or two.

All these and endless offers for people to take Sam for a few hours so I can rest!

It's just all these mommies that love to be mommies, you can tell. The way they care for not only their own families but families around them. They love to care and to nurture and feed and comfort. I have felt so blessed these past few weeks being flat on my back and nauseous as all get out, sick to the bone and totally grateful for these wonderful women who've taken care of us and made my life so much easier. I simply cannot explain what it feels like to go to bed at night and feel so... supported, in a way that feels like these other people are holding you up and keeping you together. I am so, so thankful.


Also, special shout out to my husband who wouldn't like it very much if I classified him as a "mommy." But he still does so much for me. In fact, I'm finding he does a lot of my jobs better than I do, like vacuuming for instance. He still brings me everything I need, rubs my feet, brushes my hair, even mops the the kitchen floor and sanitizes the bathroom while I sit downstairs gagging from the chemical smells, but grateful. Amongst all this he also makes sure our boys are getting all the love and attention they need. I tell you all the day long but, thank you my darling, thank you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Angel

Today someone left a huge container of soup on my front porch. How amazing is that? It was perfect too because just looking at most foods makes me nauseous, let alone preparing something for my family. In fact, whoever it was probably thought I was a little off my rocker cause I had a crockpot going on my front porch. See, I thought, slow cooking is the easiest. Just throw it in the pot and forget about it. But I couldn't stand smelling it all day long, so I put it out on the porch to cook. haha.

Anyway, there wasn't a note but, whoever you are, thank you so very much. I was just last night feeling so far away from my family and wished I lived closer to them during times like these. Your small gift not only will fill our bellies, but made me feel a little home, away from home.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear General Authorities

As a child, the best things I can remember about conference weekend were great, gigantic breakfasts that seemed to last all day with lots of family over and not having to go to church. I also remember it being long and finding it hard to stay awake. :) And now, why does it feel like the more fervently I listen to General Conference, the more I feel twice a year is not enough?

I look forward to hearing your stories and counsel on the first week of April. I wish it were sooner. Until then, this is one of my favorite stories, similar to some we hear at Conference time.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Morning Sickness Blaa

The past couple days I've been REALLY sick. Super super nauseous all the time. I don't remember being this way with the boys, which means that either a.) I have a horrible memory or b.) I might be pregnant with a girl this time. Both are totally plausible.

Yesterday was the worst yet. The only things I could stand to eat for most the day was 1 hard boiled egg and a few bites of oatmeal. I hate oatmeal by the way, but the last time I threw up it was so acidic that it burned my throat raw and seared my lips so they are cracked and bleeding today. I definitely was afraid to eat anything with any kind of citric acid so, oatmeal it was.

I called up my OB office finally at about 4 to beg the nurse to put me out of my misery. She told me (in her over upbeat voice) that I should try some soda and crackers. HA! Thanks Copernicus! The 1940's called, they want their top of the line advice back. She did tell me that I wasn't drinking enough though and that if I threw up that much acid again that I should go to the ER and get an IV. So, needless to say (even though it's not appealing at all) I've been suckn down the liquids like crazy today and I do feel a bit better. This morning for breakfast I had handful of Chex cereal and a grape popsicle.

My wonderful heaven sent has been my husband who yesterday let me lay in bed and on the couch and brought me everything I wanted. He fed the kids dinner and gave them a bath and even went to Home Depot to fix the stair ledge. This morning, he blew dry my hair in bed so that I wouldn't get cold. He is, in a word.... my Superman.