Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Never Again

Matt and I spent the past week and a good chunk of change on a trip to California. I distinctly remember thinking to myself as I bought the tickets a few weeks prior “oh, I am so spoiled! Getting to go to Vegas and Disneyland and the beaches of San Diego!” But oh boy, did I get that backwards! By the time I got back I was ready to kiss the cow dunged Montana ground!

We started out by landing in Vegas where it was 115 degrees. It felt exactly like walking into an oven. Now, imagine that….and then imagine that almost 7 months pregers. Sooooo ....not.... enjoyable. Every second spent in between air-conditioned buildings was absolute HELL. Literally! If I had to imagine what temperature hell would be, it would be 115 Vegas heat. I don’t know how people work/live there. I guess most of the people might as well get used to it since that whole place is gonna burn come Jesus.

Anyway, once we got in the rental car and got outta there the trip got better. We spent the night in LA gearing up for a full day of Disneyland. Oh and now would be a good time to mention that, as you know, we’ve been endeavoring to sell our house to get into a better neighborhood. HA! Driving down the NICE part of LA made my place look like suburbia heaven! Bars on all the windows, children running amuck taking candy from gagsters parked on porches getting high and yelling in Spanish. Matt kept on almost losing it driving around down there and I had to keep reminding him to stop eye-balling the black people. I try not to be racist but I was literally afraid of getting shot for no good reason.

At one point I told Matt I had to pee and he pulled into a liquor store parking lot that had bars encasing the whole store except the entrance where there was a nice group of thugs hanging out. I looked over and him with a face that said “really?” In his defense, he realized it wasn’t a good idea about the same time I opened my mouth to question his sanity.

Moving on. I’ll skip over Disneyland saying only that it really wasn’t as magical as I remember…or as big. It was hot, long and CROWED. I think the kids had a great time which is what we were aiming for but I’ve never had to see my husband exercise so much self control. He HATES crowds. Great thing we decided to go during peak season when everyone and their Mexican mama would be there!

I will say that things really did get a lot better once we got to San Diego. I really enjoyed being able to spend so much time with family that I hadn’t seen in so long. It honestly made the whole trip worth it. The only thing I love more than hanging with the Zauss/Madsen side is watching my husband and kids enjoying their company just as much as I do. We also 100% loved the beaches. Especially the tide pools over at La Jolla.

Unfortunately we had to leave things on a sour note by spending our last night in Vegas. Bla. Back to Hades in the ghetto Excalibur hotel that we thought would be fun but ended up smelling like cigarettes wherever you went and whose pool closes at 7pm. What kind of hotel closes it’s pool at 7pm???? We ended up drowning our sorrows eating waaaaay too much at the Caesar’s Palace Buffet, the most delicious and most expensive buffet I’ve EVER had. Every glutinous bite was worth it though.

Sooooo, other than those little tid bits and the fact that the water from the tap everywhere we went tasted like it’d been poured though Juan’s dirty field-worked sock first, that was our trip in a nutshell!

I came back more grateful than I’d ever been to live next to the hud in Helena, Mt. At least when I drive down the road I have 100 times more likelihood of seeing this:

Instead of this:

Course, you know that 10 years down the road, I'm going to forget all this and take the exact same trip NOT pregnant and completely enjoy myself.

ps- I know I just cracked a whole bunch on Mexicans just now but I must add that I had the best rolled tacos while I was down there. I'd almost drive through LA again to get more....almost.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What a Great Reminder

After finally consenting that the idea of traveling all the way from montana to california by car was not a good one while 7 months pregnant, I was so sad last night. Sad that I would miss out on the family reunion, sad to miss the beach, sad that my kids would not experience Disneyland ("yet" I said). But I must say that not for one minute did I feel resentful for the reason why. I love this little girl and these other things can wait. I'd rather secure her health and safety first. Disneyland will still be there tomorrow.

I felt even better this morning as I thought about this and saw this new Mormon Message about mothers. Totally cried.